1201 Lauren Way, a spectacular home in Beverly Hills


20 NOV 2013
Located in Beverly Hills, 1201 Lauren Way was built on three levels of the hillside with breathtaking views to the coastline of California in the United States. The architectural masterpiece has Richard Papalian as the lead developer and it was designed by Michael Palumbo, along with architect Marc Whipple.
To take advantage of the incredible views of Beverly Hills, the team designed a house wrapped in glass, beyond the space that flows smoothly from room to room, and from the inside out.
The architecture contrasts between romantic and contemporary, and careful combinations have resulted in a work of art that keeps the transition spaces beautiful. To further appreciate the breathtaking skyline from the terrace, the pool has a zero-edge Infinity pool and there is also a Jacuzzi. After all, there is an area with the outdoor fireplace and a mini-golf course.
The word that can best describe the Lauren Way is: spectacular.
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