4 in 1 House, by Clavel Arquitectos


26 MAR 2014
Based on an architectural point of view, the 4 in 1 House was conceived and built on four distinguishable ways of living. 
1. The leisure experience: the basement, lit by skylights and courtyards, is for leisure and entertainment. It begins in the garage, where a window allows a glimpse of the pool. This level also has access to parking.
2. The living experience: the ground floor consists of a C-shaped piece of concrete that points west and opens into a private open area. A canopy provides space between the indoors and outdoors. Here we find the perfect space for social gatherings and entertainment. 
3. The autonomous life experience: the third environment is designed for the outside.  It is finished in glass embedded in the C-shaped concrete and has private access.
4. The guest experience: another C-shaped structure that faces east for guests to enjoy the sunrise, as well as the view of the forest. It gives the impression of a private hotel, consisting of a series of rooms that can be used for several guests. There is also a common area connected to the vertical circulation core. 
The external volume is coated with ceramic tiles that distort its linear scale. Structurally, a truss beam of 121 feet gives character to the front façade. 
The interior designer adds, "Considering all the details (including the 2-ton concrete gateway), we thought we'd make the interior out of spaces that convey unique feelings in each environment."
As far as we can see, Clavel has accomplished its mission. The spaces are beautiful as well as functional, and successfully transmit the idea of each internal environment being different from each other.
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