Circles and Counter-circles Chandeliers

Art & Design

03 AUG 2012


The Troika Studio recently created chandeliers for the then refurbished London home of The Royal Society of Arts. Inspired by the work of scientists specializing in light and manipulating the very essence of light, the chandeliers act as key components in the scheme of architectural renovation designed by Matthew Lloyd Architects.

"The principles of work in both chandeliers, namely the diffraction and controlled scattering of light, is reminiscent of the early experiments of Isaac Newton and Augustin Fresnel", Troika said.

The chandeliers use large Fresnel lenses to shape the light generated by high-power LEDs on the outer edge, in geometric patterns projected on the ceiling, thus contributing compelling decorative elements to the surrounding spaces while providing the necessary illumination levels.

"As the white light generated by the LEDs passes through the lens, a pattern of 9 overlapping rings is created, adorning the ceiling with a unique crystalline rose," he concluded.