Contemporary Bauhaus Style Residence


14 NOV 2013

Located in Hairi (Israel), in the French Carmel neighborhood, this residence can merge perfectly, the Bauhaus style - which excels in the uniformity of color and finishes, with a contemporary style that is bold in form and design. The perfect synchrony, which makes the project of Israeli Pitsou Kedem Architects, charming and incredibly beautiful.

The project emphasizes and sharpens the design differences that are apparently similar in the contemporary minimalism design styles, influenced by Japan and the austere moderation of modernism that characterized the end of the 1950s. Both of these paradigms translate into a way of life, climate and the Israeli environment.

The house was designed around a large open space, which is the central connection point and provides a comprehensive overview of all the different wings of the house, as well as the central courtyard and pool. In order to further enhance the impact of this space, it was covered with concrete panels and a large central motif on the wall. A floor to ceiling window allows light to enter deep into the room creating movement and dynamism on the central wall. The architect has covered all the structures with an expansive roof which appears to be suspended, weightless in the air and floating effortlessly with no apparent means of support. The rafters consolidate the various parts of the structure with the apparent dissociation between the roof of the building, thus creating an impressive and even formal dialog.

The merger between where the minimalistic details are, the simple shapes and clean language, convey tranquility and calm, thus they end up separating (in a good way), the inhabitants of the outside world. The architecture and the interior design combine together in a perfect climax between light and air, an expression of the functionality of the uniform design lines both internally and externally.

Beautiful proof of how simplicity is synonymous with sophistication. Do you all agree?