Inside the Innovation Center of FrieslandCampina


24 APR 2014
Fokkema & Partners Architecten designed the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre at the University Wageningen campus.
The building combines three main functions: a large pilot plant, offices and laboratories. They are connected by transparent walkways and an atrium. As high-tech equipment often leads to a technical looking environment, the interior designer decided to make it warmer and more personal. It is expressive, as well as modest, calm, yet colorful. The design is not overly dominating and functionality has remained the main objective.
An exception to this rule can be found in the atrium. A flexible white shape begins at the reception area and swirls three stories into the air. It then descends towards the Experiment Centre on the first floor and finally flows into a staircase that takes it back to the ground floor. The Milk Splash not only represents the innovative strength of FrieslandCampina, but also depicts the fascination for the company's flagship, milk.