Jardin del Sol House in Spain


10 DEC 2013
The idea of this house is the placing of a glass and concrete structure on a wooden deck, situated on the edge of a 300 meters cliff, which is above a beach and has spectacular views of Mount Teide, the volcano located in Tenerife, off the coast of Spain.
The objective of the CA + A Architects project consists of incorporating the landscape into the indoor area of the house, valuing it through a system that makes the house merge with the environment. One example is the invisible edge of the pool, which provides a sense of continuation.
The structure was built externally and internally with a finish in exposed granulated concrete. The facades facing the cliff are fully paneled with continuous glass, protected by wooden shutters in the bedrooms and canvas curtains in the open air areas of the living room. A pergola made of wood and steel provides shade to a part of the terrace. A garden with native plants - which are typical of the cliffs of the island - is located on the slope that lies between the street and the building, so that the house appears to be naturally embedded in the landscape of the region.
Simple, but incredibly beautiful. What do you think?