The exuberant Vame House


02 JUN 2014
The clients, a New York couple, asked Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects to design a vacation home with horizontal lines, large areas of glass and open space while still maintaining privacy. They needed two bedrooms, indoor and outside living spaces and a studio for photos and films. 
The chosen location was Yzerfontein, a quiet beach close to the city of Cape Town, South Africa. The beach is uniquely beautiful, with endless stretches of white sand and breathtaking views. 
To maximize the view of the sea and the waves over the dunes, the main floor living rooms were raised above the natural ground level. The L-shaped concept with two intersected rectangular shapes allow two full glazed sides, creating a covered patio overlooking the long, rectangular swimming pool. Rectangular shapes carved in linear elements, large areas of horizontal windows, sliding wooden screens and a beautiful fireplace are the main design elements of the Vame House.
The simple choice of materials complements the sculptural form of the house. Ceilings are off-shutter concrete, with subtle grain patterns of wood in rectangular grids, which are formed by standard sized shutter boards. The floors and walls of the bathroom are white and cement flooring is throughout the home. 
The architectural style of the home is essentially minimalist, while it is harmonious and integrative to the vernacular West Coast.