Waterfront Hideaway with a magnificent view in Canada


16 OCT 2013
This beautiful home located in Gambier Island, Canada, is an original project of the architect Joel Turkel, New York. It is known as the Gambier Island House, it is located on a steep and difficult to access piece of land on a hillside, for its construction, it was necessary to develop a delivery system of materials via barge, by sea.
The project recently received two Gold Awards and one Silver Award for its design and sustainable construction from the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) in the "Waterfront Hideaway" category. 
The Gambier Island House offers stunning views, of the forests, as well as the other islands that make up the archipelago. The house have an own deck for receiving boats, which is the only way to access the continent.
Besides being incredibly beautiful, it is sustainable. No wonder that this project by Joel Turkel has received a lot of awards. Did you like it?