ZigZag bookcase, a world of new perceptions


21 MAR 2014
New viewpoints are how we present something different. Change your way of seeing things and a world of new possibilities will open up.
Designer Henrique Steyer believes there is only one truth: depending on the angle we look at something, its appearance changes. This is how ZigZag bookcase, which was created exclusively for Florense, was born. A set of angles and straight lines intersecting each other, creating organic shapes that generate optical illusions.
ZigZag is an invitation to see things at a backward angle. It is like a fourth dimension of understanding. "Even if something obstructs your vision, you can still see it. Simply alter your viewpoint or close your eyes to let the soul imagine. Anything is possible if we look at it at just the right angle," muses Henrique Steyer when talking about his creation.
Mateus Corradi, Chief Marketing Officer at Florense says, "This is the first in a series of high designs planned for release in 2014, all are highly innovative both in form and engineering. They follow the principle of harmony between form, function and content." The new products incorporate the most advanced technological resources, both in materials, finishes and processes, as well as satisfying the tastes of clients who appreciate the value of a well-designed, well-built product.
The ZigZag bookcase is the perfect example of these concepts at work, opening "a world of new perceptions."